The birth of a child is a very special occasion. It is a time when it is natural to want to celebrate such a wonderful event and many people's thoughts often turn to church and the idea of booking a Christening. Many people are not aware that the church offers two different services after the birth of a baby and we are here to help you make the right choicPicture of babye for you and your child. The two services available are a Baptism Service or a Service of Thanksgiving.

The Baptism (Christening)
God loves your child and invites you and your child on a journey of faith which can last for the whole of your life. Baptism marks the beginning of that journey. During the Service, parents and godparents will be asked to make some promises and to answer some questions, expressing your willingness to set out on the journey of faith in Jesus with your child. Parents and Godparents are making a solemn commitment to unashamedly bring up your child within the Christian faith. 

The Thanksgiving Service (Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child)
Many people feel they want to express their thanks to God for the new life of their child, but they may not feel ready to make a commitment to a lifelong journey of faith.The Thanksgiving Service offers a chance to say thank you to God and to seek God's blessing for you and your child. It does not involve any other commitment, and there are no Godparents - although friends and family can express their support if you like. Your child can always be baptised at a later date when you feel ready to make the appropriate commitment,or your child is old enough to make the commitment themselves.

Either service takes place at a special service on Sunday mornings by prior arrangemnt with Andy. We try and arrange it so that the service is for one family at a time, but sometimes we have to have two Thanksgivings or Baptisms on the same day due to demand. Because of this the date for your child's service may be some months after you make your initial enquiry.

To begin this journey please complete the contact form and we will arrange for someone to contact you and help you understand and think through the choices open to you. While we are meeting in our temporary chapel in the Parish Centre we are limited to one baptism per month with a maximum number of guests, including children, of 40.

How Does The Church Help Me Bring Up My Child As A Christian?
At St Luke's we seek to help you provide good Christian learning for your child by offering valuable Christian teaching at every Sunday service, so that you can grow in your Christian understanding and pass it on. The good example you can give to your child includes being a regular at Sunday services. We also run courses for people who want to know more about Jesus and the life He offers.